Tom Hiddleston: In defense of superheros

I’ve seen the Avengers and become Loki-obsessed, which has led me to read up on Tom Hiddleston, the actor who portrays him in Thor and The Avengers (…sorry, I meant MARVEL’S The Avengers). I found this incredible article he wrote. It’s a passionate defense of superhero movies with a shout-out to Heath Ledger: “Heath Ledger’s [...]

Netflix Review: Hell Girl

Hell Girl AKA: Jigoku Shōjo: Girl from Hell Genre: Anime – Horror/Supernatural Type: Series (26 episodes) Length: Each episode is about 25 minutes Hell Girl is a series constructed around the idea of vengeance delivered by supernatural means; tormented folks visit “The Hell Communication,” a website, at midnight exactly. They enter the name of their [...]

New Feature! Netflix reviews

We’ve decided to add a new feature to the Comic Sins website. Our series runs the gamut from comic book to horror, sci-fi and comedy (depending on your sense of humour, I guess), and may even someday feature a traditional super hero. We’ve all become hooked on Netflix, which has a great deal to offer [...]

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