Mirror Mirror Moe

  Mirror mirror First candidate, Moe! based loosely on true life events.

US eh!

More in this style over on my blog

Erin’s contribution to the sketchy fun

In keeping with Moe’s prompt posting of his artwork from today’s meeting, I give you: Us in monkey suits; I’m the one eating the banana. I did the sketch at the meeting and then added some watercolor later. As Moe mentioned, we’ve sourced a printer (many thanks to¬† Miller & Mullet) and have begun production [...]

Toronto Comic Con April 2009

So me and Moe made an appearance at the Toronto Comic Con yesterday and let me just say, as always, IT WAS GREAT! they always are and I am willing to bet they always will be. I actually had a conversation with one of the vendors which ended in our agreeing that society should replace [...]

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