Tom Hiddleston: In defense of superheros

I’ve seen the Avengers and become Loki-obsessed, which has led me to read up on Tom Hiddleston, the actor who portrays him in Thor and The Avengers (…sorry, I meant MARVEL’S The Avengers). I found this incredible article he wrote. It’s a passionate defense of superhero movies with a shout-out to Heath Ledger: “Heath Ledger’s [...]

Blood, sex, and some more blood and sex

Hello fellow comic book readers and artists alike. How is the weather? I am working on some pinups for the steadily approaching fan expo, and of course sketching with every spare second I get! While I work on what is soon to be an ongoing webcomic about the trials and tribulations of Mr Sintime, I [...]


Hey all, Have started a new thing, drawing celebrities (dead or alive) on their birthday. Here is a sketch from today. Check out My Deviant Art page for more work. Heath Andrew Ledger (4 April 1979–22 January 2008) while I know this has little to nothing to do with The upcoming release of The second [...]

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