International Read Comics in Public Day is August 28th!

On Sunday, August 28th, I was at the Fan Expo when a lady with a camera came by and asked if she could take a photo of me reading our comic for the second annual International Read Comics in Public Day — specifically for the “Women Read Comics in Public” blog. I said sure, and [...]

Netflix Review: Dollhouse

So I was trying to fill the gaping hole that the premature end of Firefly left in my life (I know I’m a few years late with that, but I do things on my own schedule) and we started Dollhouse on Netflix. Chris and I had watched the first two episodes of the first season [...]

US eh!

More in this style over on my blog

Erin’s contribution to the sketchy fun

In keeping with Moe’s prompt posting of his artwork from today’s meeting, I give you: Us in monkey suits; I’m the one eating the banana. I did the sketch at the meeting and then added some watercolor later. As Moe mentioned, we’ve sourced a printer (many thanks to  Miller & Mullet) and have begun production [...]

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