Why is Comic Sins issue #1 so small/non-standard comic size?

Comic Sins 1 started off as a lark, really. All three of us had just graduated from design school (which included a heavy printing and lithography component) and we simply wanted to see if we could put together our own comic book.

Once we got started, it became clear that printing it at our school would be the best choice; since it was done largely as a favour to us, we went a more economical route with the size. After the first book was done, though, we decided that there would be more and that we would print them in a standard comic size on very nice paper, which is why Comic Sins 2 was published on 28-lb Pacesetter gloss. However, we still love the small format and are planning to release some “in-between” books (with color!) in this format.


How do you guys know each other?

Chris and Moe have been friends since birth. They met Erin in 2002 while in school for graphic design. Erin and Chris got married in 2005.


Mr. SinTime’s makeup… is that supposed to look like… uh… I mean, it kind of…

…No. That was an unfortunate side effect of printing in black and white. SinTime’s makeup has red in it but without the color differentiation, it’s looks kind of… inappropriate. The makeup has evolved over the years and gets tweaked every so often; all will be explained by SinTime himself in good time.


Why does Benjamin have such bad luck?

We don’t know. Shit happens. It appears to be genetic, though.


Why does SinTime hate Moe?

That’s easy; read SinTime Everytime: Moe Must Die in Comic Sins 2.


Why all the blood/gore/swearing?

Why not? We’re all well beyond the age of majority. There’s actually not that much of it (…pansy) but we do suggest a 14+ readership.

We were actually dropped by our first printer while attempting to publish Comic Sins 2 because they found the content objectionable (too gory, graphic and sexual). We thought that they might live in a box or perhaps had just awoken from a 50-year coma, since our content is pretty tame compared to some. The very day that printer called to drop the project, Oprah did a 30-minute segment on vaginas. Seriously, she said vagina like 80 times in half an hour. We don’t say vagina at all. Just sayin’.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it. We’re not tying you to a chair and prying your eyes open (what you do on your own time is your business).


Who is that dressed as Satan on the cover/last inner page of Comic Sins 1?

That’s Chris/Sinj.


What happened to the other artists featured in the first issue?

Nothing, really; it was just a lot easier wrangling three creative people than any number higher than three. We are happy they participated in Comic Sins 1 and we might feature guest strips again in the future.


Why is Comic Sins 1 published by “Common Name Comix” and Comic Sins 2 published by “Two Goo One Gee”?

Because when we did the first one, we hadn’t thought of a name for what we were doing. Everything Sins-related will now be released under the Two Goo One Gee label.

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