We are working on getting a full bio of Mr. SinTime. It’s hard. The people we send keep disappearing. The reporter who wrote the excerpt below has been missing since the interview.

I have always been slightly obsessed with Mr. SinTime, so when my editor suggested I interview him, I immediately agreed. I received email instructions to meet at a hotel that was located in a neighbourhood I was afraid to walk alone in. He said to get the doorman to let me into his room.

Once inside, I stood in the dark room, letting my eyes adjust. Anyone familiar with SinTime knows that his repertoire included music, video and homicide, but I quickly realized he was not luring me into a trap — he was asleep. I crept over to where he lay and poked him gently.

He sat up and turned on the bedside light, and that’s when I noticed two things: he was in full makeup, and he had the prettiest blue eyes I’d ever seen. I mentioned neither, and simply started the interview.

-Intro to Sintime: Behind the Makeup, taken
from Comic Sins 2: An Invitation to War


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