Comic Sins 2:
An Invitation to War


The 2009 follow-up to issue 1. Comic Sins 2 is 28 pages, published on heavy gloss paper and has a color cover with black and white insides.

Featuring the continued saga of Worms, Bad Day Benjamin, SinTime, Muffin, and Scare Bears; introducing Clyde and some folks you may already know.

Contains mature themes (14+)

Mission statement:

I needed blood, I needed sweat and tears. I needed there to be some death… a lot of death and things needed to be twisted. I was looking for something I could be proud of and something that would hopefully sicken some people. I needed Comic Sins II, and damn you, I got it. El capitan with a stiffie for twisted science fiction, like comics with just enough nipple action and a little too much splatter. I set the stakes high and I hope you like it. We will keep doing this until we get your attention, we will cram it down your throat… we will. We will. (Chris, 2009)

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