Comic Sins 1

COMIC SINS (THE ORIGINAL) ***Limited Supply***

The original experiment — the literal answer to “I wonder if we can make our own comic book?”  This mini-comic is 28 pages, printed B/W on matte stock with a glossy color cover.

See the beginnings of Worms, Bad Day Benjamin, Muffin, Scare Bears, and get introduced to SinTime. Contains mature themes and pop tarts (14+)

Mission Statement:

While working on this comic for the last few months, the same question kept coming to my mind: “What the fuck and I doing?” I have always been keen on drawing and comics books (the darker ones, anyway). This is my first solid attempt at a real comic book.

Sure, I dreamed up many stories about many worlds with many characters. Of course none of them were going anywhere. What provoked me to start a project like Comic Sins after all this time? Well, I guess the number one reason was that I was unemployed. I had just completed a two year graphic design course and I was having no luck with work. So to keep myself sane, and to make sure I didn’t forget everything I learned at school, I decided this was the prime opportunity to finally start this thing.

Some of the people working on the comic with me, I’ve met in school, some I’ve known since childhood. I wanted to get these people’s talents in on the comic (plus, I’m too lazy to do the whole thing myself on time… ahem). Anyway, everybody has worked hard to make this book a reality, and I thank them for putting up with my badgering and deadlines which never seemed to work anyway.

I’ve had a lot of influences in making this comic, but I find when you write the story, and draw the pages, it’s got to come from inside, and only you can make the right decisions because it’s your story. You will always find someone out there who appreciates your work. If  I could meet just one fan, it would be worth it Besides, if you don’t like my comic… IT’S NUTS TO YOU! (Moe, 2005)

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