Tom Hiddleston: In defense of superheros

I’ve seen the Avengers and become Loki-obsessed, which has led me to read up on Tom Hiddleston, the actor who portrays him in Thor and The Avengers (…sorry, I meant MARVEL’S The Avengers). I found this incredible article he wrote. It’s a passionate defense of superhero movies with a shout-out to Heath Ledger: “Heath Ledger’s [...]

I have a fever… and the only prescription is more Joss Whedon

So over the last year I’ve finally watched Buffy & Angel all the way through sequentially. I’ve been meaning to do so for years but lacked a television of my own on which to watch many, many hours of a show most people had already seen. I’d already seen quite a bit of Buffy and [...]

HAUL: Star Wars Coasters

We’ve been searching for the perfect coasters for our red and blue living room for a couple of years. Yesterday when I was in HMV picking up the latest Urge Overkill album, Rock N Roll Submarine (their first in like 15 years!), Chris showed me this set of four coasters and I was sold. We [...]

New Feature! Netflix reviews

We’ve decided to add a new feature to the Comic Sins website. Our series runs the gamut from comic book to horror, sci-fi and comedy (depending on your sense of humour, I guess), and may even someday feature a traditional super hero. We’ve all become hooked on Netflix, which has a great deal to offer [...]

What he said.

So this is what it is like to make a post huh? well we all went to see The Watchmen movie last weekend, and I must say in my opinion it was rather good. Just enough gore and a little bit of boob, always a fan of boob… and gore! so anyway I went all [...]

Who Watches The Watchmen? I do.

  An hour before going to watch the Watchmen movie, Chris and I were wandering around the mall. As I was walking around a videogame store, I felt that I had stepped on something. I looked down and saw a tiny happy face eraser. We found this pretty funny and creepy considering that we were [...]

Dave Gibbons fonts

To celebrate the release of  Watchmen, I thought I’d post a link to They have a 50% off sale and they’re featuring Dave Gibbons fonts!

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