Tom Hiddleston: In defense of superheros

I’ve seen the Avengers and become Loki-obsessed, which has led me to read up on Tom Hiddleston, the actor who portrays him in Thor and The Avengers (…sorry, I meant MARVEL’S The Avengers). I found this incredible article he wrote. It’s a passionate defense of superhero movies with a shout-out to Heath Ledger: “Heath Ledger’s [...]

Who should play Harley Quinn?

Actresses from different backgrounds and of different ages that we think would make a good Harley. We tried to make some unique suggestions. Our ultimate Harley choice is at the end of the list. Kaley Cuoco Current gig: The Big Bang Theory (televison) Past roles that show Harley potential: Perhaps her short stint on Charmed, [...]

Three conventions in the next year

The site is back up and running and badly in need of an update. However, check out our Appearances page for upcoming events where we’ll be selling our stuff: Wizard World Toronto, Ottawa Comiccon and, of course, Fan Expo.

Our blog was hacked.

In case you’re wondering what’s happened to the website — it was hacked during the Great Timthumb Debacle of 2011. We had to delete our previous design. We’re using a temporary layout for the site and hope to have it looking better in the near future.

Kate Beaton’s new book tops the NY Times bestseller list!

I have recently become addicted to CBC Radio, and today I was pleased to load the Q site and find out that Kate Beaton had been interviewed. Upon further examination, I realized that Kate Beaton has topped the New York Times Bestseller list in the graphic novel category. I’ve been a longtime follower of Kate’s [...]

To Old Friends

Lately I have been fishing around for new ideas but not much have come to mind. Then I decided to think backwards and reflect on many of the old characters and ideas from my past. I started sketching things I haven’t sketched in well over a decade. Some of these characters date back to when [...]

We showed up in a Fan Expo video

If you’ve attended any conventions, you might have run into The Savage Bandito, aka Tom Savage, who (aside from being an all-around great guy) is a talented and prolific photographer/videographer of cosplay. Chris and a very camera-shy Erin popped up in one of his Fan Expo videos! You can find The Savage Bandito’s page via [...]

International Read Comics in Public Day is August 28th!

On Sunday, August 28th, I was at the Fan Expo when a lady with a camera came by and asked if she could take a photo of me reading our comic for the second annual International Read Comics in Public Day — specifically for the “Women Read Comics in Public” blog. I said sure, and [...]

What I’ve Learned About Anime So Far

We attended Fan Expo 2011 this past weekend and had a great time. We’ll post about it soon, but for now, here’s something else! I’ve now watched Witchblade, Darker Than Black, Soul Eater and Claymore, and will eventually review them all. But in the meantime, I’ll post a short list of the patterns that I [...]

Benjamin Artwork

I made this picture awhile back but I wanted to share it on the blog. Art prints will be available at the Toronto Fax Expo between August 25th-28th. You can also find this and other Comic Sins related stuff over on my deviantArt page.

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