To Old Friends

Lately I have been fishing around for new ideas but not much have come to mind. Then I decided to think backwards and reflect on many of the old characters and ideas from my past. I started sketching things I haven’t sketched in well over a decade. Some of these characters date back to when [...]

Benjamin Artwork

I made this picture awhile back but I wanted to share it on the blog. Art prints will be available at the Toronto Fax Expo between August 25th-28th. You can also find this and other Comic Sins related stuff over on my deviantArt page.

New Scare Bear

It’s been awhile since I made a new Scare Bear but when this one popped into my mind I knew I had to make it. I hope to have art prints ready for this at Fan Expo on the 25th. Who knows, maybe after this I’ll start making some more.

First Bad Day Benjamin

This is an early sketch I did of the Bad Day Benjamin comic back in 1993 when I was only twelve years old. Of course back there was no Benjamin, it was just one of the many random comics I drew while bored in school. It wasn’t until 2004 that I created the Benjamin character [...]

Before the axe falls

In a slight sidestep from the original storyline, we are going to go back and see what kinda fight Moe put up before the axe came out and things got “ugly”. We will also get some insight into the relationship between Mr. Time and the other mask. Art after the jump.

Blood, sex, and some more blood and sex

Hello fellow comic book readers and artists alike. How is the weather? I am working on some pinups for the steadily approaching fan expo, and of course sketching with every spare second I get! While I work on what is soon to be an ongoing webcomic about the trials and tribulations of Mr Sintime, I [...]

Tibetan Beefgarden, or: The best idea I never had

I have ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. More than I’ll get to use up in my lifetime. They pop into my head unbidden, stories write themselves, characters appear pretty much fully formed. I also get ideas for comic strips constantly. Sometimes I have ideas for videos, movies, and occasionally, businesses. The photographic memory I [...]

Brain-dead monkey

Get me a doctor!!! No wait, wrong post. There is so much on my plate, and with a full stomach I am still managing to enjoy the meal. I have started working with Miller and Mullet Productions over at with the great writer Allan Turner and splendid artist Kam Gates. I am so happy [...]

Little Sins Preview

Fan Expo 2011 might still be a few months away but we are busy getting ready for the event. The biggest thing we have planned is a mini Comic Sins issue called Little Sins. I got the drafting table out of the crawlspace and setup a make-swift studio in the basement. I had a lot [...]

Mirror Mirror Moe

  Mirror mirror First candidate, Moe! based loosely on true life events.

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