Blood, sex, and some more blood and sex

Hello fellow comic book readers and artists alike. How is the weather? I am working on some pinups for the steadily approaching fan expo, and of course sketching with every spare second I get!

While I work on what is soon to be an ongoing webcomic about the trials and tribulations of Mr Sintime, I am amazed by the amount of backstory left to create; as I research the 14th and 15th century monsters in Ireland, England and Southern United States I am getting very excited. It seems the first appearance of Sintime is as one Mr John Burke in the mid-to-late 1400s, and the story is very bloody. Get ready for blood, sex, and and some more blood and sex.

Click the thumbnails below for a taste of the pinups I am working on, plus a Joker sketchbook page. Enjoy. AND JOIN THE MAILING LIST! Unless you don’t like free stuff, of course.
-Sinj out



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