Comic Sins is a self-published, collaborative comic series. Unlike traditional comic books, Comic Sins is a comic-zine hybrid, featuring non-traditional layouts and three very different art styles.

The folks behind Comic Sins are Chris, Maurice and Erin. These East coast transplants each take a turn at the helm of an issue; so far, Maurice (aka Moe) has headed up issue 1, Chris has been in charge of issue 2, and Erin is working on the third issue. It’s called Comic Sins 3: Ovary Action. Check out the bios below for more information on these perpetrators of gore, puns and boobies.

The CS headquarters are in Toronto (Chris and Erin’s home) with a satellite office in Newfoundland (where Moe lives).


Chris (AKA: Sinj)

Though the world doesn’t revolve around Chris, you might think it did while looking through his collection of original artwork and characters. As the writer and creator of such characters as Mr. SinTime, Emit, and Nis, he has a vast collection of stories waiting to make their way to the comic page. Also a musician, Chris/Sinj has been the frontman for industrial band Project 11, the vocalist for Throb and is now working on some independent projects. SinTime has also recorded his own album. He spends almost every waking (and sleeping) second creating art of some sort.

A full-time artist and illustrator, he is also the colorist for the weekly Miller & Mullet webstrip. He is available for commissions; please use the contact form if you are interested in custom work.




Erin (AKA: Snug, Bunny)



Erin is a graphic/web designer, artist and writer. An experienced graphic artist, she currently works in the publishing industry. During her career, she’s been lucky enough to create materials for folks such as Kelley Armstrong, Dave Gibbons, Peter Mansbridge and Dr. Seuss.

She has scripted a one-issue comic about global warming (much funnier than it sounds, promise), is working on scripts for three different graphic novel projects and has started work on two novels. She will be participating in NaNoWriMo in 2013.  She also attends conventions with Chris where they both sell prints of their artwork.  She brakes for animals and the occasional leaf.





Maurice (AKA: Moe)

Maurice’s contribution to the project includes strips like Bad Day Benjamin, Clyde The Misfortunate Psychiatrist and The Scare Bears. He collaborated on the Sintime Anytime stories, and Comic Sins subtly introduces some of his upcoming projects via cryptic one-page features.

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